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Bali is a paradise island which is probably amongst the most photogenic places on the planet. And what the Indonesian tourism hotspot does wonderfully is combine a unique Hindu culture and fascinating tourist activities including surfing and scuba diving with first class hospitality options. Memorable Bali pictures are easy to come by.

Bali is a diverse place with countless things to capture on film, be it the fantastic wood carvings and rice terraces of Ubud or surfers battling the swirl at Uluwatu. We’ve made every possible attempt to put together a varied selection of Bali pictures which shows off the island in all its glory. Must-see activities are featured as well as plenty of colourful local scenes including cockfighting.

Click on any of the Bali pictures below for a slide show:

Notes on taking pictures in Bali

This popular holiday resort has plenty of photography stores to cater for the tourist hordes, including a decent camera repair shop inside Denpasar’s Tegal Bemo Station. The tourist areas such as Kuta all have photo shops where visitors can burn their tourist Bali pictures onto CD or stock up on memory cards and other such essentials.

Be especially careful not to offend religious sensibilities when taking pictures in Bali, and to dress conservatively away from beach areas. Indonesians are extremely relaxed and will have no problem in being including in your holiday pictures of Bali, but it is only polite to ask their permission first.

Bali pictures will make a permanent souvenir of your visit to Indonesia and there are countless of great subjects to capture on film, so remember to take your camera everywhere you venture. There are lovely Bali pictures to be found every corner of the island with friendly local people, whitewater rafting and dormant volcanoes.

Safety is not much of a concern in Bali but, like anywhere, avoid leaving expensive equipment loose in your hotel room as this can be a glaring temptation for opportunistic thieves. In general, however, those people that take sensible precautions will have no real reason to fret while taking pictures in Bali.

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