Legian beaches

Legian beach stretches north from Kuta for some two miles when it officially becomes Seminyak. It continues from Kuta in much the same fashion with soft and wide golden sand. It is much less crowded and has a more natural feel. The congested beach road from Kuta turns inland at Jalan Melasti and the entire stretch of beach in Legian is pedestrian only with a wide promenade overlooked only by a succession of five star beach resorts.

At its northern end, also known as Blue Ocean Beach, there is a large parking area for cars and motorbikes. This is the most vibrant section of the beach and features a long strip of trendy beach cafes and late night lounges. There are also a couple of cavernous dance clubs that are still raging at dawn. It is also perhaps the most glamorous beachfront in Bali. This is where Bali’s stylish beautiful people come to see and be seen and is a popular hang out for the area’s more affluent expats.

During the day, surfing is the most popular activity here and is in many ways a more rewarding place than Kuta to learn how to surf. Waves are more consistent, and there are fewer distractions from noisy traffic or persistent beach hawkers. Quiksilver  is just one of several surf schools based here and offer a range of tuition for every level. One day beginners courses start at around rp400,000 for a three-hour session. You can hire or repair boards here from a myriad of small outlets and many of the local surfers are happy to provide tips and advice.

While much less rampant than Kuta beach, the surf scene here is nevertheless a lively one. It is a more convivial atmosphere and it is easy to mingle and chat with other surfers. In addition to surfing and body boarding, Legian beach has opportunities for sea kayaking in the right conditions and you can always join in one of the mammoth football or beach volleyball games that seem to take place each early evening.

When the heat gets too much simply amble inland a few metres for a relaxing massage or a bite to eat. There is a long stretch of local cafes lining the seafront serving up hot bakso meatball soup and saté at extremely cheap prices. For something a little more refined, there are a dozen or so trendy beach lounges offering classy Asian and Mediterranean cuisine and of course lots of exotic fruit cocktails.

There is probably no better place to relax with a cocktail in hand and take in the fabulous ocean sunset. Do get here early as virtually every place is packed to the rafters at dusk. Throughout the surfing season there are a few amateur and professional surfing contests held here which attract large crowds and accompanying fun and games such as live bands, beach BBQs and surfing demonstrations.