Weather in Bali and tourist seasons

Bali has a year round tropical climate with very little variation from month to month. Travellers can expect hot sunshine all year round with consistent temperatures between 31C – 33C during the daytime. Bali is located just south of the equator and has two distinct seasons.

The dry season is from May to October and as its name suggests will see virtually no rainfall at sea level. The wet season lasts from November to April experiencing plenty of heavy rainfall, regular hot sunshine and higher humidity.

Dry season in Bali

Bali’s scorching long summer coincides with the island’s busy peak tourist season which hots up from June – September. At this time rooms are at a premium and bargains are difficult to find. Even flea ridden budget rooms can almost double in price in July and August. Certainly from June to September there is very little chance of rain and the sunshine is consistent and hot. The months of July and August will see crowded beaches but relief is on hand with cool sea breezes. Humidity is at a manageable 60 per cent at this time.

Wet season in Bali

November should see the first significant drops of rain but it really kicks in during December and January with heavy thunderstorms. There is no real pattern to the rainfall; it can be non-stop for a whole day followed by perhaps a week of bright sunshine and clear blue skies. Humidity rises to an oppressive 85 per cent between December and February.

During heavy rainfall some built up areas in Kuta can be flooded for days. The central mountains are much cooler during the rainy season and can be a little chilly in the evenings. Some roads at altitude can become impassable due to landslides and wide areas are continuously blanketed in thick mist.

When to come to Bali

Bali is a rewarding destination at any time and even during the rainy season there is still plenty of hot sunshine with very few days completely ruined by unpleasantly wet monsoon weather.

For adventurous people intent on scaling one of Bali’s volcanic peaks, steer clear of the wettest months of December to March. The popular high altitude areas of Besakih and Kintamani are covered in mist and mountain trails are slippery and very hazardous.

Sun seekers looking for better value for money and quieter beaches head to Bali in May or late September. This is a great time for hotel discounts and a more relaxed atmosphere. Hot sunshine is guaranteed with little chance of rain and May especially sees central Bali’s famous rice terraces lush and verdant after several months of heavy rain.